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Product Details:

2000w 6x9" Components

Currently in stock.
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Only £119.99

Model Number: TL-2691. RRP: £249
Full Specification
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Full Specification:

TheLoudest.com are proud to present the worlds most powerful 6x9" speakers; 2000 watts peak and 580 watts RMS per pair. That has previously been unheard of. Featuring cutting edge design and built using premium grade components, there is simply no comparison. The competition grade TL-2691s boast huge magnets, that put many subwoofers to shame. Each speaker weighs in at around 132 oz!!

After much detailed research, design, development and testing, TheLoudest.com are able to present a revolutionary range of premium car audio speakers. These Competition Pro speakers have a durable, precision-engineered, robust heavy-duty build that delivers a stunningly high degree of fidelity and realism throughout the entire audible frequency range. They deliver magnificent "studio-like" audio reproduction which allows the listener to hear crisp, clear audio, and subtleties in music that can not be heard using other car speakers.

Only the best, premium-grade components and materials are used in the construction of the TL-2691 speakers. This combined with cutting edge techniques in design and construction means that TheLoudest.com are able to push the boundaries of car audio reproduction one stage further.

Not only do they deliver fantastic audio reproduction, but can maintain such clear signal reproduction at uncompromisingly high power levels; delivering the power of a subwoofer in the form of a full range 6x9" speaker.

Because the Competition Pro speakers have been designed and built in conjunction with the Competition Pro amplifiers, they are perfectly matched to each other to ensure maximum efficiency, clarity and response.
When the TL-2691 speakers are used with a TL-2094 amplifier, there is enough audio power to make the vehicle physically shake! Often it is possible to get the impression that there is a subwoofer running too.

The enormous power handling capabilities of the TL-2691 6x9" speakers is made possible by such features as the 92 dB sensitivity rating, full cast aluminium chassis, multi-layered kapton voice coil, and long-throw acoustic design.

Specifications (per pair):
Power Handling (Peak)

2,000 watts

Power Continuous (RMS)

580 watts total
540 watts (speakers)
40 watts (tweeters)

Frequency Response

32 Hz - 25 kHz


92.01 dB


4 ohms

Resonant Frequency (Fs)

48.4 Hz

Total Equivalent Factor (Qts)


Vol of Acoustic Susp. (Vas)

10.5623 lit

Linear Excursion (Xmax)

6.4 mm

Displacement Volume (Vd)

0.001857 cuft


1.6" Titanium Dome


6 dB / slope

Voice coil diameter

1.5 inches

Mounting Depth

12 cm

  • Full cast aluminium chassis for superior strength, weight and heat dissipation
  • Precision engineered for digital music accuracy
  • Distortion-minimised Harmonically Fine-Tuned Signal Input
  • Extended excursion for louder, clearer music output
  • Multi-layered aluminium kapton voice coil for high power handling
  • Vented air induction pole piece for rapid bass reflex and enhanced coil efficiency
  • Long-throw acoustic design
  • Harmonically fine-tuned speaker design to minimise distortion at high sensitivity output
  • Linearised frequency response characteristic
  • Accurate and clear signal reproduction
  • Professionally tested and assured high-value components
  • Heavy-duty push-terminals

Installation sheet:

The file is around 0.8 mb in size and is in PDF format, so you will need Acrobat Reader installed.

Product contents:
  • 2x 6x9" speakers (540w RMS per pair)
  • 2x tweeters (40w RMS per pair)
    can be mounted flush (recommended) or surface
  • 2x 3 meters speaker cables (for 6x9" speakers)
  • 2x 1 meter speaker cables (for tweeters)
  • 2x crossovers
  • 8x mounting bolts, nuts and washers (for 6x9" speakers)
  • 8x mounting screws (for crossovers)
  • 4x extra connectors (for tweeters)
  • 2x sticky pads and 2x mounting screws with washers for each pad (if surface mounting tweeters)
  • 2x small rubber strips (to be placed between the grille and surround to reduce vibration)

Please feel free to inspect the TL-2691 6"x9" speakers by viewing the range of photographs to the right of this text.


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From: 5-Star-Cars (N.Ireland)

I had a stretch limo which I fitted a quality Sony cd player to but the speakers couldn't handle the power or the bass. So I was going to change the speakers and add a separate subwoofer as I didn't think any make of speakers would handle the bass at loud volumes in the small sizes which fit my car. However having replaced the speakers with a pair of TL-1041 4" and a pair of TL-1051 5" speakers from the loudest.com - problem solved and there is so much bass from these speakers, I don't need a separate subwoofer. The sound is fantastic, super clear and loads of bass at loud volumes without any distortion. Great price too and next day delivery. Unbeatable!

From: xs limos

I have tried loads but these boys supply good gear, very good after sales and good to deal with. I fit there stuff in all my limousines and it needs to be loud and clear and thats what it is. other crap wont fill a limo this stuff will.

From: Dan Brady

I bought the TL-1691 2000w 6x9s a TL-1091 3000w amp, two TL-1092 1500w amps, some TL-1041 4" tweeters and some TL-1651 6.5" door speakers. I had a little problem at the start but that was down to my own stupid self but now they are really bangin. The 6x9s over power the 1000w sub and amp that were originally in the car! Now I have ripped everything out and looking to kit out my car with everythign from theloudest.com as the build quality is just amazing and the quality of the sound that come out the so sexy looking speakers is unreal.
I would advise you strongly to buy theese products such great prices as well LOVE IT!!!!

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